Head Office

Dispatch, transport coordination and corporate activities are directed from our offices in Parksville, British Columbia, located on Canada’s stunning West Coast. Parksville is the home base for our inter-hospital patient transfer programs, which serve Vancouver Island.

Vancouver, British Columbia

The Vancouver International Airport is home base for our air ambulance medevac operations. From Vancouver, our worldwide Rapid Response Medical and Critical Care Transport teams deploy to emergency assistance and medical rescue calls around the world.

Toronto, Ontario

LIFESUPPORT Patient Transport maintains a base location at the Toronto Pearson Airport. From here, we provide commercial medical escorts on scheduled airlines, serving patient’s and clients around the world. The international network hub at Toronto Pearson provides our teams with rapid access to the United States, in particular Florida, as well as Europe, the UK, Africa and the Middle East.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu serves as an operational base for our USA operations. From Honolulu, Hawaii, we perform medical evacuations using scheduled commercial airlines. We are one of the few companies incorporated and actively operational in both Canada and the United States. By operating a commercial medical repatriation base directly in Honolulu, we give ourselves a competitive advantage over other companies, as our commercial medical escort teams are available for immediate dispatch, thus improving access and flow for our insurance and assistance clients – resulting in cost savings due to our ability to move quickly and immediately from this popular tourist destination.

Our Challenger 600 Air Ambulance is the only air ambulance aircraft in North America capable of safely reaching Hawaii in any wind conditions, giving LIFESUPPORT Patient Transport a competitive and distinct advantage over other providers with smaller, less capable aircraft.

Fort St. John, British Columbia

Fort St. John is the home base for LIFESUPPORT Emergency Services. From here, we serve Canada’s growing Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) industry by providing emergency response and standby medical services to Canada’s largest energy companies, such as Suncor, Progress Energy and Pembina Pipelines. We are active in the Fort St. John and Fort Nelson areas, providing on site medical support.