Special Missions Unit

LIFESUPPORT Special Missions UnitThe LIFESUPPORT Patient Transport Rapid Response Team is a highly specialized medical team that deploys around the world in response to medical and trauma emergency calls. Our Rapid Response Medical Team also responds to complex medical and emergency assistance cases where time is of the essence and information is not readily available.

Comprised of Physicians, Critical Care Flight Nurses and Paramedics, our Rapid Response Medical team brings modern emergency healthcare resources, communications and expertise to third world countries and remote, often hostile areas.

We take the roads less traveled, by bringing our specialised skills and resources directly to the patient in their time of need. The Rapid Response Team relays critical information back to our Dispatch Operations Centre in Canada, where in consultation with our client, we formulate on the ground, real time treatment and evacuation plans. This may include arranging transport to the closest most appropriate hospital, treating the patient on site until advanced transport resources arrive, or evacuating the patient back to their home country for ongoing care.