Questions to Ask About Medical Air Escort in Honolulu, Maui, Hilo and Hawaii

When a medical emergency strikes, you’ll need to be able to make important decisions quickly. But without the proper information at your fingertips, you might be wasting precious time that could make all the difference. So, if you or your loved one needs medical attention while traveling, medical air escort might be the best choice for you. To help you properly plan for medical air escort in Honolulu, Maui, Hilo, and Hawaii, here are some important questions to ask.


What kind of medical assistance is provided on board?

When it comes time to choosing medical air escort, ask about the types of medical assistance they provide. Professional medical escort providers will have a team of fully-trained health caregivers like physicians, registered nurses, and paramedics on board, qualified to deliver a host of medical procedures, from proper oxygen administration to advanced life support.


What services does an air medical escort company offer?

There’s a lot more to air medical escort than you might realize. A comprehensive air medical company will be able to provide a host of services to help you in your time of need, such as:

  • Coordinate with hospitals, social workers, and medical case managers
  • Work with global insurance and assistance companies to transport patients to required medical facilities
  • Provide accurate price quotes to eliminate all the guesswork
  • Deliver bedside-to-bedside transport from anywhere around the world.


What type of fleet does the provider use?

A medical air escort provider is only as good as the aircraft they use. Inquire about the types of the fleet they provide, as well as the other airline companies they partner with. Also, make sure the aircraft is solely used for medical emergencies. Air ambulances need to be stocked with critical care medical equipment like defibrillators and emergency resuscitation apparatuses.

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LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services

LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services, Inc is an internationally accredited, globally recognized medical air transport and emergency services company, with diversified services, serving multiple sectors, including governments, hospitals and health authorities, the travel & health insurance and financial sectors. 

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