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air medical transport Ontario Paramedics patient transport LIFESUPPORT Air AmbulanceGetting You Where You Need to Go When You Need It Most

Medical emergencies can strike without warning. Take matters into your own hands with LIFESUPPORT. Leaders in international transport medicine, we offer a variety of reliable medical air transport services, including air medical escorts, commercial airline repatriation, air ambulance, commercial airline stretcher transport, and ground ambulance solutions. When every second counts, LIFESUPPORT is there for you.

Why choose us Lifesupport for air medical transport services?

Internationally accredited – LIFESUPPORT frequently undergoes a series of rigorous examinations and reviews, ensuring we meet the highest safety standards in the industry. Our air ambulance program is accredited by the European Aeromedical Institute (EURAMI), according to the latest 5.0 version standards.
Experience – When you expect more from your medical air transport provider, turn to LIFESUPPORT. We have millions of inter-continental miles logged all over the world. Feel confident knowing you are flying with the absolute best in the business. Our team of highly qualified experts are skilled in a host of crucial medical procedures, including transport medicine, life flight medevac operations, out-of-hospital medical care, medical escorts, and worldwide medical logistics.

Unmatched patient commercial air flight care

medical air transport Ontario services from LIFESUPPORTWe use the most competent and compassionate medical team in the industry, from physicians and ICU flight nurses to paramedics. Every flight consists of medical professionals fully trained in out-of-hospital transport medicine and flight physiology. With LIFESUPPORT, rest assured you are receiving the highest level of patient care.

24/7 availability – Illness and injury never take a break, so your medical air transport Ontario team shouldn’t either. When it comes to effective, timely repatriation, don’t leave anything to chance. At LIFESUPPORT, our doors are always open. Expert case managers are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 (or, in leap years, 366) days a year. Learn more about our air ambulance Ontario services. We can transport patients within, into or out of Ontario.

Complete medical air transport service

Why settle for partial air medical support when you can get a full suite of medical transportation services in Ontario or return to Ontario? We handle the entire process for you, taking the burden of medical transport off your shoulders. Our coordinating specialists are busy at work, booking airline tickets, obtaining visas, organising seating arrangements, and managing ground transport.

Insurance medical repatriation specialists

medical air transport Ontario LIFESUPPORT Air AmbulanceDealing with insurance issues can be overwhelming at the best of times. Fortunately, for your times of crisis, there’s LIFESUPPORT. We have years of experience working with insurance and assistance companies across the globe. Each case is personally handled by one of our senior medical air transport personnel, handling authorizations, billing, and claims. Learn about commercial airline repatriation services

When it comes to medical transportation, every moment counts. No one understands that more than LIFESUPPORT. That’s why we work tirelessly to provide dependable medical air transport Ontario solutions you can rely on, any time of the day or night. Contact our flight coordinator now!