Air Ambulance

The last thing you need in a time of crisis are excuses and disappointments. That’s why LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services is the internationally Gold Standard accredited, recognized and reliable choice of the world’s leading travel medical insurance and emergency assistance companies. On duty 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, we utilize dedicated, medically equipped aircraft, combined with our experienced, highly trained Critical Care Transport Teams. LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services, Inc. provides timely and cost effective worldwide air ambulance repatriation, emergency airlift and medevac response, earning ourselves preferred provider status with our major clients. We are not a broker, and our aircraft are not used for any other purpose other than to provide direct air ambulance service, which means you can count on professional care being delivered directly by our highly skilled Critical Care Transport teams.


Experience matters. Trust counts. In the international air ambulance business, when lives are at stake, nothing is a substitute for global medevac experience. LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services has logged millions of inter-continental miles, across the globe. From regional missions, to cruise ship rescues in Alaska, or on trans Pacific or trans Atlantic crossings, our clients rely on our experience and capabilities to take care of the sickest patients in a global environment, that combines two of the most regulated and complex businesses in the world – aviation and medicine. Paired together, we have earned the enduring trust of the most discerning group of clients in high risk, high stakes mission environments. We don’t compromise. Experience matters. Trust counts. That is why LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services is the top choice for our customers around the world.


We conduct our missions using two dedicated air ambulance aircraft, the King Air 300 and a King Air 200. With a diverse fleet, we have the right mix of aircraft, which are well suited for medevac missions within Canada and the USA, Mexico and the Caribbean. Outside if this region, we support our medevac program with wing-to-wing transfers, partnering with trusted colleagues in Europe and Asia, or we organize a long distance commercial airline stretcher to link with our air ambulance. Our dedicated air ambulances are not used for any other purpose other than for air ambulance missions. We do not conduct passenger charters or haul freight. Our mission is purely dedicated to providing a consistent, high level approach to patient care and transport. Our air ambulance aircraft are professionally operated and managed by Alkan Air Ltd, Transport Canada Certificate Number 4545.


LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services is trusted by the largest financial institutions, insurance underwriters and medical assistance companies in the world. We count governments, health authorities, hospital groups and global insurance underwriters among our trusted group of clients. As a preferred provider to insurance underwriters and assistance companies, we enjoy the trust and confidence of our clients who call upon LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services to get the job done – everyday.


The LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services air ambulance program is accredited by the European Aeromedical Institute (EURAMI), according to the latest 5.0 version standards. LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services is accredited for adult critical care transport, commercial airline medical escorts, as well as inter-continental fixed wing air ambulance services.
To obtain a competitive price quotation or receive more information about our air ambulance services, contact us by dialing +1-250-586-9928.

LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services, Inc is not a direct air carrier. LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services arranges all logistics, case management and provides our team of medical professionals on board. Our air ambulance life flight medevac aircraft are professionally managed operated under direct contract agreement to LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services by Alkan Air Ltd, a Transport Canada licensed and certified air carrier, Certificate Number 4545.

LIFESUPPORT Air Ambulance Services plane
LIFESUPPORT Air Ambulance Services planes on tarmac
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