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Meet Lifesupport’s leadership team! Patients and their families often speak directly with one of our leaders over the course of our service. Our leaders’ extensive medical and management experience guides the way we serve our clients and their families: we always find a way to bring patients home without compromising on their safety.

Adam Ward

Adam Ward


Adam is responsible for coordinating all of the work behind the scenes so that our clinical teams can deliver outstanding patient care. Adam has run successful businesses in industries such as oil and gas, plumbing and heating, and consulting. Adam received his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Marek Rozmadowski

Dr. Marek Rozwadowski

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Rozwadowski oversees our entire medical operation. He is a practicing Anasthetist and has worked around the world in Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. Marek is also an auditor for EURAMI, the industry accreditation body.

Marcie Harrison

Marcie Harrison

Chief Flight Nurse

Marcie is responsible for Lifesupport's clinical operations. Marcie has been with Lifesupport since 2016 and has over 15 years of ER nursing experience. She personally flies our most critical missions to ensure the highest level patient care.

Francine Jones

Francine Jones

Clinical Nurse Educator

Francine onboards, trains, and educates new clinical staff. With 17 years of service at Lifesupport, Francine has seen it all and is imparting her wisdom to the rest of the team. When not flying missions, she loves to spend time spoiling her four grandchildren.

Patrick Hrusa

Patrick Hrusa

Vice President Business Development

Patrick’s focus is on taking new patients, their families, and care providers through the complicated world of medical repatriation, one step at a time. Patrick is a veteran of the travel insurance industry and has been with Lifesupport for four years.

Patrick Hrusa

Simon Lillyman

General Manager

Simon is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company. In his 10+ years with Lifesupport, Simon has transported hundreds of patients around the globe, forged relationships with strategic partners, and helped grow the company into a global industry leader.

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