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Lifesupport Air Medical Services offers an executive medical team that is made up of almost 60 years of combined medical experience. With extensive knowledge, countless years of field experience, and an un-biased approach, our clinical team aims to determine the best course of action for each patient’s needs, every time.

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We understand that the process of medical repatriation may be new to you and can often feel
overwhelming at the beginning. Rest assured, with over 400 successful missions completed each year, our highly trained team of Critical Care medical staff, Chief Medical Officers and Clinical Executives, and dispatch team, are alongside you throughout the mission from start to finish.

Clinical Involvement

Clinical recommendations are incredibly important to ensure the patient’s needs are met, the transport is handled in a safe and effective manner, and the patient returns home as soon as possible. Our Clinical Executive team includes our Chief Medical Officer, Chief Flight Nurse, and Clinical Nurse Educator, who
work together on each case to determine the best method of transport for the patient. This input is received at the very beginning to ensure that all relevant information is collected and considered and determine a plan of action to be executed by our Critical Care Transport team.


Lifesupport Air Medical Services takes pride in our ability to remain innovative, creative, and effective when considering the appropriate transport method for each patient. Through our many partnerships with various aircraft, ambulance, and sedan providers, as well as our continued support and patronage of countless global airlines, we have developed an extensive network of trusted partners to aid us in our promise to provide the best care in the best way.

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