Custom Transport Plans to Get You Home

When you’re ill, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to get home. That’s why Lifesupport Air Medical Services is here. We make custom transport plans for each individual. No matter how remote the location, no matter how challenging the scenario, we can get you home.

Start Your Journey

Consider us your medical coordinator. We work with you, your medical team, and your loved ones to get you safely from your hotel or hospital all the way back home. Our medical team creates custom plans for each of our patients, taking into account their individual needs.

Custom Transport Plan Made by Our Medical Team

Your custom transport plan is made after a clinical assessment by our executive medical team, which includes our Chief Medical Officer, Chief Flight Nurse, and Clinical Nurse Educator. Here is the typical process for getting your custom transport plan:

  • Our executive medical team reviews your medical condition, your location, and other details.
  • They speak with your on-ground attending physician to gather critical medical information about your situation.
  • Using this information, they create a personalized itinerary that will get you home safely and quickly. Before finalizing the itinerary, they get all the clearance required from airlines.

Our Medical Transport Options

Your custom transport plan will likely include more than one of the following:

  • Ground transportation: Lifesupport Air Medical’s Critical Care Transport team will meet you and bring you to the airport, whether in a ground ambulance, chauffeured car, or taxi.
  • Air ambulance: You might ride in a plane especially outfitted with ambulance equipment.
  • Escort on a commercial airline: You might fly in business class on a commercial flight, with a member of Lifesupport Air Medical’s Critical Care Transport team by your side.
  • Stretcher on a commercial airline: You might fly in privacy on a stretcher on a commercial flight, with ambulance equipment.
  • Bed find and hospital admission services: If need be, we can help you find a hospital bed close to home.

Why You Should Trust Us

Lifesupport Air Medical Services has conducted over 10,000 medical repatriations. Our executive medical team has a combined 60 years of medical experience. This team also conducts medical transports year-round, giving them an always-current visual on how to transport patients through specific airports and on different airlines. For example, they know exactly how Lufthansa boards a stretcher flight through the medical clinic in Frankfurt. With Lifesupport Air Medical Services, you are in safe hands.

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