Air Medical Escort on Commercial Flight

There is no better travel companion than a caring medical professional. Whether you are in a cast, recovering from surgery, or have another medical requirement, we are here to help. We provide the medical assistance you need to navigate the airport and the flight. We make sure you get home comfortably and safely.

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What’s a Medical Escort’s Role?

Air medical escorts are your medical travel companion. They accompany you throughout your entire journey, from your hotel or hospital room all the way to your final destination. They will pick you up and help you navigate the airport. On the plane, they can lift your luggage and help you into your seat. During the flight, your escort will help with any medical needs you might have: dressings, catheters, oxygen–even foot massages! 

Our medical escorts take their role as a travel companion seriously. They are skilled conversationalists and do everything they can to make your trip enjoyable. You may end up with a new friend by the end of your journey.

Who Will Escort You?

The air medical escort who will accompany you on your commercial flight will depend on your specific needs. You could be paired with a doctor, registered nurse, or paramedic. Sometimes, your Critical Care Team might include two people. All of our registered nurses are critical care nurses (either ICU or ER nurses). In addition to their prior experience, our entire care team undergoes Lifesupport Air Medical Services’ own extensive training program. 

Managing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a risk on flights, particularly on long flights. Our air medical escorts watch for signs of DVT and help prevent it. They work with you to find time and space to stretch during the flight.

Who Typically Uses A Medical Escort?

Individuals who use our medical escort service on commercial flights need light medical assistance. We typically make sure that they are calm and somewhat mobile: they can stand and pivot on one leg. Our Executive Medical Team will recommend the safest, fastest, and most cost-effective way to get you home based on your individual needs.

Our Global Reach

Lifesupport Air Medical Services has bases across North America which makes it easy for us to provide you with a medical escort on a flight anywhere in the world. We have close relationships with all major airlines, giving us the access and on-the-ground knowledge we need to bring you home quickly and safely. No destination is too far, and you can count on our team to be there for you when you need it most.

Air Medical Escort Accreditation

Our commercial flight medical escort service is accredited by the European Aeromedical Institute (EURAMI) according to the latest standards. In addition to our accreditation for commercial flight medical escorts, we are also accredited for adult critical care transport and inter-continental fixed wing air ambulance services.

It is a privilege to be accredited with EURAMI. Our accreditation means that we have undergone an extensive review to prove that we are qualified, professional, and safe. It also means that we can get the job done in the right way. We are committed to maintaining this accreditation and are regularly called upon to continue proving our qualifications.

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