Guide to Medical Repatriation Costs

Medical repatriation costs vary widely: some trips are $5,000 while others are $500,000. There are many factors that influence the costs of each trip. Lifesupport’s experienced medical team helps patients find the most cost-effective itinerary based on their individual medical needs.

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The Biggest Variable Costs of Medical Repatriation

These three factors comprise the biggest variable costs in medical transportation:

  • Length of the Trip: A longer journey is more expensive than a shorter journey. For example, going from Seattle to Vancouver costs less than flying from Singapore to London.

  • Type of Transportation: The patient’s condition may require an air ambulance trip. This is significantly more expensive than going by stretcher on a commercial flight. The most cost-effective type of medical transportation is ground ambulance.

  • Trip Staffing: Each trip is staffed by one to three medical team members, depending on the patient’s needs. Those team members are most frequently clinicians, critical care nurses, and paramedics. Clinicians have a much higher daily rate than paramedics.

The Fixed Costs of Medical Repatriation

Medical repatriations have fixed costs that do not greatly impact the overall price of the trip. Examples of these costs include oxygen for the trip; accommodations and meals for staff; and ground transportation for staff and patients such as taxis or ground ambulances. The cost of each trip also includes a case fee.

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