Bed Find & Hospital Admission Services

Every day that you spend in a hospital far away from home is a costly one. That’s why Lifesupport Air Medical Services helps you get admitted to a hospital close to home. We are experts at navigating the complex world of hospital bed allocations. We can help you find a bed anywhere in the world, whether you want to be in Toronto, Canada or Sydney, Australia. 

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Finding You a Hospital Bed Close to Home

Our dedicated team of bed-finding experts is on call to help you get admitted to the most suitable hospital close to your home. We take into account the geographic proximity to your home, the services offered by the hospital, and the insurance accepted by the hospital.

Quick Turnarounds for Hospital Admission

We can find you a hospital bed quickly. Depending on your target location and insurance, we can get you admitted within 24-48 hours. Some locations may take closer to a week. In addition to finding you a hospital bed, we can arrange medical transport to the hospital. Get in touch to find out more.

What We Need
From You

We will ask you for information such as your current location, medical status, and attending physician; your insurance information; your home address, and more. This will help us quickly get you admitted to a hospital close to home.

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Our team of experts is standing by to help you navigate the unfamiliar world of medical repatriation.

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