Emergency and Non-Emergency Medical Repatriation

We know everything can feel like an emergency when you need medical help far away from home. Lifesupport Air Medical Services can bring you home in both emergency and non-emergency medical situations. We take a slightly different approach for each. No matter what, we always create a transportation plan tailored to your specific needs. 

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What is Emergency Medical Repatriation?

An emergency medical repatriation, sometimes known as medical evacuation repatriation, is when Lifesupport brings you from a non-hospital setting to a hospital close to home.

In these emergency cases, we pick you up as soon as possible, often within 24 hours. We come prepared to administer a high level of medical care, knowing that you are not in a hospital and getting the level of attention you may need.

Where Can You Pick Me Up in an Emergency?

No location is too remote for Lifesupport: we have taken boats, trains, RVs, and more to get to patients who need emergency evacuations.

While we can get you home from practically any situation around the world, here are some common emergency medical evacuation scenarios we encounter:

  • An individual falls ill on a cruise ship

  • An individual gets injured in a remote location

  • An individual in a foreign hospital needs emergency surgery but wants it done in a hospital close to home

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

A non-emergency medical repatriation is when we bring you home from a hospital setting. While the situation may feel like an emergency to you, we know that you are in the safe hands of the hospital.

In this case, Lifesupport works with your hospital clinical care team to determine the best travel plan. That includes the timing and level of clinical care you’ll need throughout the journey. Non-emergency medical transportation can be arranged in as few as 24 hours or can take up to a couple of weeks.

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