Commercial Airline Stretcher Service

The cost of an air ambulance between continents can be prohibitive and extraordinarily expensive for insurance companies and patients. To keep costs low and patients moving quickly and safely, LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services offers specialized access to stretchers on board commercial airline flights – often referred to as a commercial airline stretcher service. Working in partnership with major airlines, medical stretchers are installed in the aircraft compartment to meet the care and comfort requirements of those patients who cannot be accommodated in a first class seat. Utilizing a global network of airlines who accommodate stretcher transports, our Air Medical Teams provide service up to and including critical care, with Physicians, Registered Nurses and Paramedics on board the flight. For patient safety reasons, each stretcher transport is staffed with a minimum of two qualified medical professionals.

From our gateway hubs in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Frankfurt.

We seamlessly link patients to and from any point in North America from Asia, the South Pacific and Europe. LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services has developed sophisticated global networks, so even if the airline does not fly to the destination, we can organize local, trusted air ambulance resources as part of a commercial stretcher mission. As a fully integrated provider, offering a single point of contact for our customers and coordinated, continuous care for our patients. LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services has commercial agreements with major carriers such as Emirates, Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific and Air New Zealand, offering guaranteed service and discounted pricing.

Commercial Airline Stretcher

All commercial airline stretcher cases are handled by a team of professionals from start to finish, who undertake all necessary arrangements for a successful flight. This includes coordination with the airline medical desk, medical clearances, ground ambulance transfers, and medical logistics. LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services provides professional members of our air ambulance medevac teams on board commercial stretcher missions – meaning we bring the same level of medical care, experience and training on board commercial airlines to provide a high level of clinical care to each and every case undertaken.


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