Commercial Air Medical Escorts

Our commercial airline medical escort is based in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Tokyo and Frankfurt locations.  LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services, Inc. is an accredited world leader in providing commercial airline medical repatriation and internationally accredited commercial medical escort services. A truly international company, we have equipment and teams strategically positioned around the world.

Patient transfers by a commercial airline with a medical escort is an effective way to mitigate and contain the high cost of a traditional air ambulance. The global network of scheduled airlines provide our medical teams with safe and reliable access to virtually every country in the world. We are one of the only providers in the world that provides Critical Care Transport and ICU level medical care on board commercial airlines, including the transfer of ventilator-dependent patients, using sophisticated equipment and techniques.

Critical Care Medical Transport Flight Team

As an internationally experienced and European Air Medical Institute accredited company, we enjoy unparalleled and ready access to countries which may restrict access by other nationalities. Our Transport Teams hold Canadian, American, British and European Union passports.

Our unrivalled relationships with major airlines and understanding of the complexities of medical repatriation help ensure a safe and uncomplicated journey. We offer our clients a full suite of commercial airline medical escort and repatriation solutions, including:

  • Full-Service Flight Booking and Airline Ticketing
  • Ground Transportation Arrangements by ambulance, sedan or limo
  • Airline Medical Clearances
  • Portable Oxygen Concentrators and onboard airline oxygen
  • Physicians, Registered Nurses & Paramedics

Patient Seating Arrangements

Patients are transported in upgraded business and first-class seating, or when necessary, on a specially installed stretcher. Our Air Medical Case Managers use special tools to select the most appropriate seating arrangements on various aircraft, along optimal routes.

Medical Equipment

A fully equipped medical bag, including defibrillator and emergency resuscitation equipment and prescription medication, can travel with the patient and the attending escort. When necessary, full critical care medical equipment can be arranged to suit the client’s patient care requirements.

Staff Training, Qualifications & Air Medical Escort Experience

Our air medical clinical team members include Physicians, Registered Nurses and Paramedics who are specially trained in out-of-hospital transport medicine and flight physiology. They know what to expect in the air – and are prepared to handle any situation. We undertake hundreds of commercial medical escort cases around the world each year, using highly skilled hospital clinicians, who have been provided with additional training and expertise needed to function in the worldwide patient transport, repatriation and evacuation environments.

Commercial Airline Stretcher Service

LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services, Inc. provides specialized access to stretchers onboard commercial airline flights. When medically necessary, special stretchers are installed in the aircraft compartment to meet the care and comfort requirements of those patients who cannot be accommodated in a first class or business class seat. Utilizing a global network of airlines who accommodate stretcher transports, our Transport Team Members provide service up to and including critical care, with Physicians, Registered Nurses and Paramedics on board the flight. Each stretcher transport is staffed with a minimum of two qualified medical professionals. Unlike our competition, we fly all commercial airline stretcher missions with a minimum of two medical staff, to ensure patient safety.

From our gateway hubs in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Frankfurt, we seamlessly link patients to and from any point in North America from Asia, the South Pacific and Europe, utilizing our air ambulance resources. We truly are a fully integrated provider, offering a single point of contact for our customers and coordinated, continuous care for our patients. LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services has commercial agreements with major carriers such as Emirates, Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific and Air New Zealand, offering guaranteed service and discounted pricing. Learn more about the services for medical repatriation Canada.

Patient Transport Compartment

Operating on select Lufthansa routes on long haul jets from Europe, the Lufthansa Patient Transport Compartment provides an affordable and effective cost containment solution when compared to the traditional fixed-wing air ambulance. Escorted by a LIFESUPPORT Flight Physician, patients are cared for in a private, fully equipped flying ICU compartment. The Lufthansa Patient Transport Compartment provides space, comfort and non-stop service to and from Europe and major destinations in Europe, the Middle East, India and Asia. Travel, medical and logistical arrangements are handled by LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Case Managers, in conjunction with Lufthansa German Airlines.

Air Medical Escort Quote

Quotations are based on fixed and variable costs. When constructing a quote for a client or patient representative, we consider the following factors:

  • Cost of the airline tickets for patient and medical escort(s)
  • Per diem costs for the medical escort team based on established daily rates
  • Hotels, Meals and Taxi Costs
  • Ground Transportation (ambulances, wheelchair services or sedans)
  • Oxygen
  • Coordination & Arrangement Fees

The largest cost driver in any commercial medical evacuation is the corresponding airline tickets. As a general rule, most patients travel in first class or business class, with appropriate medical clearances obtained from the airline authorities in advance of the planned flight.

To obtain a quotation or to book transport, contact us at +1-250-821-4975 or learn more about commercial air medical transportation services.


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LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services, Inc is an internationally accredited, globally recognized medical air transport and emergency services company, with diversified services, serving multiple sectors, including governments, hospitals and health authorities, the travel & health insurance and financial sectors. 

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We provide Medical Escort Flights around the world from our bases in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Frankfurt.