Long Distance Ground Ambulance & Canada / USA Transfers

A cost effective alternative to transfer by air ambulance

Our Long Distance ambulance teams provide long distance ground patient transfers, with care ranging from Basic Life Support to Critical Care. Our fleet of ambulances routinely provides long distance patient transportation for patients travelling within, to and from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Washington State and Oregon. Our longest ground ambulance transfer has been from San Diego, California to Vancouver, British Columbia.

When a life flight or BC air ambulance transfer is not an option or is not affordable, our ground ambulance transfer teams can provide a cost effective alternative. While en route, care is managed by a licensed Paramedic or Paramedic / Registered Nurse team.

Whether you need to move a fragile parent closer to you or repatriate someone who has been injured or become ill while travelling so that they can get the best care and be close to their loved ones, or someone does not like to fly, a Long Distance Ground Ambulance is an option in many situations when a quick move is not essential.

Is a long distance ground ambulance right for your situation? Contact our team at LIFESUPPORT and we can discuss the options for your unique situation and provide you with a quote.


Long Distance Ground Ambulance Alberta
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Patient Transfer Ground Ambulance

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Long Distance Ground Ambulance & Canada / USA Transfers
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