Becoming sick or injured away from home can be daunting—especially for the elderly. Whether it is getting to a nursing home or a doctor’s appointment, many geriatric patients can be faced with a host of challenges when medical evacuation is needed.

To make the air ambulance process run as smoothly as possible, here are five tips on how to prepare for a medical air flight transportation for senior citizens.

1. Discuss existing health conditions

Geriatric patients may be dealing with several health conditions, including heart issues, respiratory problems, and other chronic concerns. Before the flight, discuss all health conditions with the air ambulance provider to ensure your elderly loved one gets the proper medical care, medications, and oxygen from the medical crew members while on board.

2. Request travel companion options

Travelling during a medical situation can be a trying time for anyone at any age. It is crucial that geriatric patients feel safe and secure while on board an air ambulance flight. If you want to accompany your elderly loved one during the transportation process, a dependable air ambulance provider can arrange to have travel companions fly with the patient, allowing for greater comfort and less stress.

3. Review mobility issues

There are a wide range of conditions of that can affect mobility for the elderly, from osteoporosis and arthritis to rheumatism and other age-related diseases. Many of these health concerns can limit a person’s ability to stand and walk. If the patient has any mobility issues, inform the air ambulance provider so they can arrange mobility aids to assist the senior citizen, like scooters, walkers, or wheelchairs.

4. Provide mental condition details

Alzheimer’s, dementia, and depression are common age-related illnesses that impact many seniors. If your elderly family member is suffering from a mental condition, inform the air flight provider. They will provide all the necessary details to the medical crew, helping the geriatric patient to properly understand important information and medical instruction.

5. Choose a reliable air ambulance provider

When it comes to the complete care of your elderly loved one, you want to go with a reliable air ambulance provider. At LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services, we have vast experience arranging air medical transport for senior citizens. We make it our utmost priority to offer geriatric patients the ultimate in safety, comfort, and medical care during the air flight process.

Our senior case managers will work closely with you, offering personalized and professional service, meeting all the medical needs of elderly patients throughout the entire medical repatriation or medevac, medical flight transportation process. 

When you expect the very best in medical air transportation for your elderly loved one, look no further than LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services.

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