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Medical assistance companies, insurance underwriters, governments and group benefit plans trust Lifesupport Air Medical Services on a daily basis to look after their patients on a worldwide basis. We enjoy trusted and coveted preferred provider status with the largest underwriters and assistance companies in the world. These enduring, trusting relationships have been built through years of dedicated, compassionate, patient focused, cost centric service that Lifesupport Air Medical Services, Inc. focuses on everyday. We bring dedication, compassion and complete focus to each case, from start to finish. Each case is personally handled by one of our Senior Air Medical Case Managers, utilizing a collaborative team based approach, working in conjunction with our Chief Medical Officer, our Chief Flight Nurses and our Air Medical Crews around the world. We bring a full spectrum of value to our relationships, from classic repatriation solutions, through to complex case management for remote medical emergencies, cruise ship rescues, and bed find management.

Lifesupport Air Medical Services commercial airline repatriation programs, stretcher service and air ambulance medevac services are used by insurance and assistance companies throughout Canada, the USA, the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia. Our partnerships with airlines around the world is unmatched, and our global pool of highly skilled medical escort professionals are stationed in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Chicago, Frankfurt and Tokyo, providing you and your clients with true global network coverage, ready to respond on a moments notice.

Each year, we conduct hundreds of international air medical repatriation transfers and evacuation missions. Our teams of Air Medical Case Managers, Registered Nurses, Physicians and Paramedics are only a phone call or email away. We own and operate a live, dedicated communications and deployment centre, and all of our services are provided in house – never brokered. Whether you are looking for a new preferred provider, or seeking to expand your provider list, a strategic partnership with Lifesupport Air Medical Services makes good sense. We are cost effective, strategic, and we understand the assistance and travel insurance industry. We deploy creating solutions, and add value to our cases through unique solutions such as our global bed find program.

We focus on cost containment through rapid repatriation and creative solutions. We have grown and developed key relationships with airlines such as Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Air New Zealand, and Air Canada – just to name a few. We know your business, and we know that you want to offer your patients only the very best, accredited care, to the highest standard, at a reasonable cost.

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