Medical Transport Services

We are accredited world leaders in international transport medicine. Independent of any one single mode of transportation, we link patients around the world using ground ambulances, fixed wing air ambulances, helicopters and scheduled commercial airlines. Our highly skilled Transport Teams are fully cross trained and certified to travel anywhere in the world – by any means of transport. We coordinate and dispatch hundreds of air medical responses per year with a trusted, accredited team of professionals.

Transport medicine is the vital link connecting patients with the care they need – anywhere in the world. Being independent of any one single mode of transport means we do not have a strategic interest in selling unnecessary or costly services to our clients. We choose the right mode of transport for the right patient – with the ability to provide strategic, cost effective and innovative solutions for our clients and to our patients.

Transport medicine brings the acute care environment to the highways, airports and skies of the world, linking critically ill patients with centres of excellence, connecting patients with specialized medical care and reuniting patients with their homes, communities and families. Whether travelling over five miles or five thousand miles, our Air Medical Transport Teams circle the globe, weaving our patients into the fabric of the world’s healthcare systems. We are LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services, Inc. and our mission is to provide Worldwide Patient Transportation, Healthcare and Emergency Medical Solutions.

LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services, Inc. is the choice of the world’s leading travel insurance and assistance companies. With highly trained, internationally accredited and recognized Air Medical Flight Crews and globally experienced pilots and Air Medical Case Managers, our ICU equipped flight teams provide timely and cost effective worldwide response, by air ambulance, commercial airline medical escort, or commercial airline stretcher service.

We maintain medical staff and operational flight bases in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale and Frankfurt. The global network of scheduled airlines provide our Transport Teams with safe and reliable access to countries around the globe.

LIFESUPPORT commercial medical escort on tarmac
LIFESUPPORT commercial medical escort staff and crew
LIFESUPPORT medical transport - Helicopter air ambulance

LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services

LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services, Inc is an internationally accredited, globally recognized medical air transport and emergency services company, with diversified services, serving multiple sectors, including governments, hospitals and health authorities, the travel & health insurance and financial sectors. 

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We provide Medical Escort Flights around the world from our bases in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Frankfurt.