“It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.” Maybe this famous quote wasn’t inspired by an air ambulance, but it should have been. After all, medical situations can spring up at a moment’s notice, so it’s always a good idea to be prepared when it comes to the safety and protection of you and your loved ones. If you need to get somewhere safely and quickly, here are some common reasons why people might need an air ambulance in BC.

1. Vacationing abroad

Vacationing abroad can be exciting and wonderful. But if you are faced with a medical emergency in a country that is not equipped to handle it, you could be in serious trouble. With an air ambulance, you will never have to worry about visiting remote areas. If you get sick or injured, an air ambulance will transport you back home to get the medical attention you need.

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2. Far from family

Canada is a big country. The great distance can make it a challenge to visit family even in the best of times. But if a family member gets sick and needs your assistance, an air ambulance in BC can bring you to your loved ones when they need you most. Government health care plans do not cover air ambulance in Canada between provinces.

3. Insufficient medical care in your location

No matter where you live, sometimes medical facilities won’t be able to provide the specific care you’ll need. Whether you live in a remote part of the country or a densely populated city, an air ambulance can take you to a hospital anywhere in the world to treat your specific condition.

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4. Commercial flights are not an option

Injuries and illness happen. And when they do, arranging a commercial flight from small airports with economy seating to get the medical care you need might not be your best option. Which is why we use our air ambulance to transfer patients onto larger aircraft, for commercial stretcher flights or medical escort flights. To ensure you get where you need to go when you need to, an air ambulance will get you there, safe and sound – your own private medical charter.

5. Hospital-to-hospital care

Sometimes, patients need to manage their medical care between two or more facilities. If the distance is too far to travel by ground, an air ambulance is a reliable and convenient option to receive medical attention in multiple locations.

Here at LIFESUPPORT, we are dedicated to ensuring you and your loved ones get the medical attention you deserve. With access to medical aircraft, our commercial airline medical escorts, and our commercial airline stretcher flights, we will get you where you need to go, anytime, day or night.

For all your air ambulance needs in BC, Alberta and beyond, contact us today!

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