What Does EURAMI Accreditation Mean for Air Medical Transport Services?

What’s the word on EURAMI accreditation in the air ambulance industry? Essential, preferable, or just plain window dressing—the team at Lifesupport is here to spill the beans on this distinguished designation and what it means for air medical transport services…and for you!

Who is EURAMI?

EURAMI accreditation. For those researching medical transport services, you hear this word a lot. But do you really know what you are getting when you choose a company that has it? Take it from an internationally-accredited, globally-recognized company—when it comes to exceptional air medical transport services, EURAMI accreditation counts.

The European Aero-Medical Institute (EURAMI) fosters quality air medical transport service across the globe. EURAMI has set high standards in the areas of safety and excellence in aviation medicine.
Aeromedical transport companies with this distinction are regarded as first class air ambulance expert providers, signifying a commitment to excellence, and demonstrating the highest level of service to customers, clients, and partners.


How does EURAMI evaluate air medical transport providers?

Make no mistake about it. This stamp of approval is not a gift. It only gives credit where credit is due, earned from one of the most respected and revered institutes in the air ambulance industry.

Before an air ambulance company is entitled to receive EURAMI accreditation, they need to be in business for at least two years and have finished a minimum of 250 medical flights. They must also provide proof of both aircraft insurance and medical indemnity policies.

EURAMI evaluates a myriad of criteria for accreditation, including internal management policies, quality control, the training and qualification of medical personnel, and medical aircraft configuration and operations.

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Is Lifesupport EURAMI accredited?

Yes, of course. At Lifesupport, we take great pride in our EURAMI accreditation. As a quality provider, we strongly believe it is not only necessary, but also valuable to adopt the very high standards set by EURAMI. It makes us stand out as a premier air medical transport company to better serve our clients across the globe.

Choosing Lifesupport means choosing quality. When you go with us, rest assured you are getting the very best, most qualified air medical transport team in the business.

The difference between a good air ambulance provider and a great one is the proper accreditation. Sure, it requires a major commitment on our part to meet all the EURAMI requirements. But accepting anything less is simply not an option for us when it comes to providing the ultimate patient care.

From operational safety and aircraft maintenance to ground ambulances,

medevac air ambulance, and medical escorts, our certification ensures you and yours are in the most qualified hands possible.

When you expect the very best air medical transports services, reach out to Lifesupport Air Medical Services.

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